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Our Approach

Your digital ecosystem is as individual as you are – with its own authorities, influencers, themes, nuances, and trends – so clear goals and practical planning are essential in deploying an effective campaign

INK Delivers Bespoke Digital Strategies Tailored To Your Needs

Identifying KPIs

Optimising to the right KPI means better ROI…Whether your aim is to grow traffic, become an authority, publish new content, launch in international markets, or all of the above, we’ve got you covered.

Audit & Planning

So many companies that come to us for help are already sitting on a gold mine of marketable content – their know-how, track record, media, or even the brand itself! Identifying these assets through a detailed audit is essential in finding low hanging fruit and in planning for future content creation.


Over time, good content will always attract links and social engagement; our speciality is speeding up this process!This is the mantra we live by and can back it up with over 15,000 active digital publishers with a combined daily reach well into the millions.