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Why invest in an ecommerce solution for your business?

Ecommerce, short for ‘electronic commerce’, is an umbrella term for any business transaction conducted over the Internet. First introduced in the 1970s, ecommerce has now become a daily activity; driven by faster Internet connections, better security, and easier ways to pay online.


Online sales now account for 40% of all UK retail sales and inevitably they will continue to outpace the high street. Indeed, the ecommerce phenomenon has caused numerous high street casualties, from Woolworths to Blockbusters, sending a clear message to traditional ‘brick and mortar’ businesses:  digitalise the brand and get online.

As well causalities, the rapid growth of ecommerce has brought about amazing innovation – powerful ‘plug and play’ digital stores with a whole host of bolt-on functionalities at an affordable price – making it easier than ever for businesses to exploit this digital trend and take their ecommerce to the next level.