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What is Influencer Marketing?

‘Over 60% of shoppers consult blogger reviews or social media posts on their smartphone while shopping in store.’ (Source: Collective Bias)

Quite simply, ‘influencer marketing’ is the process of using people (‘influencers’) to promote the product or service that you provide. Many people believe influencers are defined by the size of their followings, but more accurately, an influencer is defined by their ability to influence their audience, regardless of the audience size.

Whilst influencer marketing isn’t necessarily new, the introduction of social media – that greatly increases reach and engagement – is. This has allowed anyone to become an influencer, not just celebrities, athletes or world leaders.

For maximum potential, influencers should have the ability to deliver a message to a large audience, usually through written or video content. They should also have credibility in the same market that your product or service occupies and a communication style that is clear, confident and convincing.

Why Should I Invest in Influencer Marketing?

When deployed effectively, influencer marketing can enable brands to exert leverage on an influencer’s audience in order to boost traffic, engagement and conversions at a very low cost. A recent survey from Collective Bias found influencer marketing to be far more effective than the conventional and more costly channels of digital adverts, TV, and print.